Allocation List

Allocation List

If you are interested in purchasing Dehlinger wines, the best way to acquire them is through our allocation list. Over three-quarters of our wine is sold directly to our customers through the allocation list, with only small amounts of select wines in distribution to top restaurants and a few wine shops.

The Dehlinger allocation list is not a wine club – there are no automatic shipments. We hold two major releases a year, in January and August, and each release features between 5-8 wines. As an allocation list member, you are offered an allocation of each of the wines released and can choose which wines to purchase. Each release, allocation list members receive our bi-annual newsletter, which describes the current offerings in detail and chronicles the latest developments of the winery.


Please fill out the form below to request to be added to our allocation list. Our next offering will begin in January 2020. 

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Dehlinger allocation List Information


Many of our wines are produced in very small case quantities which are only offered to our allocation list — allocation list members therefore have access to a much greater range of Dehlinger wines, including bottlings that are not released to restaurants or retail. 


We release wines twice a year in the spring and fall on an allocation basis. allocation list members are offered a specified number of bottles of each of the wines being released and are able to choose the wines and quantities they would like to purchase from their allocation. The wines are allocated giving preference to steady, established customers, with smaller amounts available for newcomers.

The intent of our allocation system is to offer fair and equitable access to our handcrafted wines for all of our mailing list customers, to respect past patronage, and to give you a reasonable amount of time to place an order without missing out.

On occasion, we also offer wines from our library cellar on a non-allocated, first-come-first-served basis. These offerings are more time-sensitive than our allocated releases and the wines are likely to sell out quickly.

Release timeline:

Our major releases begin in January and August. The ordering period – or the time during which you are able to make a request from your allocation – usually lasts about 3 weeks. Depending where in the US you are located, you will receive your shipment of wines between 2 and 3 months after the beginning of the release; for the Spring release beginning in January, wine shipments arrive in March-April, and for the Fall release beginning in August, wine shipments arrive in October-November. We hold shipments until the weather is safe for shipping: temperatures need to be moderate to ensure that the wine will arrive in best possible condition. Twice yearly, we offer pick-up weeks at the winery when local customers can pick up their orders as an alternative to having them shipped.