Our estate vineyard lies in the heart of the Russian River Valley on Vine Hill Road. On a typical morning, the marine fog rolls in before dawn, giving the land a gentle reminder of another era in geologic time when its soil was washed by the ocean's waves. When the fog clears at mid-day, Mount St. Helena is visible to the northeast, and the coastal ridges of Sonoma County to the west. The rows of our vines undulate over the rolling hills they are planted on, their roots exploring the diverse soils beneath them. It is hard to miss the spectacular natural beauty of our home.

The vineyard itself is complex, constantly evolving and multi-generational. Tom Dehlinger planted the first generation of our vines in 1975, and oversaw 15 years of subsequent plantings. Eva and Carmen Dehlinger now oversee the planting of our second generation of vines. Between plantings, the land receives a multi-year fallowing regime that features deep plowing, covercrops, and composting to regenerate the land for years to come.

Currently, our estate features four winegrape varieties (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Syrah), a vegetable garden, table grapes, olives, a creek, a pond, and woodland. This diversity reflects the dynamic nature of our site.